About Us

About Clutch Whip

Clutch Whip specializes in connecting you with unique locations and exclusive experiences based on your lifestyle. Whether you’re a first time or frequent visitor, our mission is to provide luxury experiences and tailored services to accommodate you during your visit.
We’ll make your LA visit an unforgettable experience. Our all-inclusive packages take the stress of planning all your activities and excursions.
All you have to do it Select It!

Baby Chairs/Booster Seats

A portable seat for an infant or a small child that attaches to an automobile seat and holds the child safely.

AT/MT Transmission

We provide both automatic transmissions and manual transmission vehicles, the only way to be sure which one is right for you is to go for a test drive.

24 Hours Support

With our 24/7 support model, we ensure that a customer is able to get their issue resolved no matter what day or time it is.

Outstanding Services

Clutch Whip prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and a wide selection of top-quality vehicles. We offer a variety of rental options to meet the needs of any driver, whether you’re in need of a short-term rental or a long-term lease.

Name for Quality Vehicles

We specialize in providing top-of-the-line vehicles for all types of occasions. Whether you’re in need of a stylish and reliable car for a special event or a spacious and comfortable vehicle for a family vacation, we have the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

GPS on Every Vehicle!

We offer a unique feature of having GPS navigation system installed on every vehicle in our fleet. This makes it easy for you to navigate through unfamiliar territories, whether you’re on a road trip, a business trip or a vacation.